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RY X live from Lençóis Maranhe…

RY X playing live from Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, in Brazil for Cercle.

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2°29’11.6″S 43°07’55.9″W

Video credits:

Artist: RY X accompanied by Gene Evaro Jr & Tim Gardner
Quartet: Graziela Fortunato, Paula Brunelli
, Natalia Visoná
, Thais Duarte
Venue: Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Derek Barbolla & Philippe Tuchmann
Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
Director of photography & Post-production: Mathieu Glissant (Saison Unique Production)
Cameramen: Mickaël Fidjili, Augustin Thai
Drone pilots: Alexis Olas & Jérémie Tridard
FPV drone: Arthur Maneit
Production team: Anaïs De Framond, Dan Aufseesser, Armand Prouhèze
Technical Manager: Aurélien Moisan
Sound mastering: Laurent de Boisgisson
Photographer: Raul Aragao
Communication: Pol Souchier, Lola Lebrati, Emie Monnier et Jeremy Maurin
Graphic Design: Anaëlle Rouquette
Label Manager: Clémence Maillard
Finance: Andy Cheremond & Kevin Benisty


Official Partners:
Satellite connection by SES

Special thanks to:
Lucca Delanieze and all the SNTS team
Leon Alexander
Danny Angove
Alice Shale
Elodie Maurer
Paul Pierson
Casablanca Online
Camilla Zecchin Muniz
Carolina Gonzalez Baldessar
Felipe Bittencourt
Guilherme Augusto
Joane Ely Momo
Leonardo Marchezini Fumagalli
Luisa Lopes
Rodolfo Gerard Tavares
Rodrigo Escorcio
Victor Aued


This artistic performance has been recorded live.

00.00.00 String Intro
00.01.11 Sweat
00.09.10 Salt
00.16.33 Let You Go
00.21.11 Bound
00.26.33 Colorblind
00.32,11 Berlin
00.35.56 Lençóis (Love Me)
00.41.10 Spiral
00.46.35 Dawn
00.48.08 Shortline
00.53.27 The Water
00.59.54 Howling
01.07.07 Only
01.12.55 Q&A


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Comment (27)

  1. No words guys, you are doing such an amazing job not just bringing us techno or electronic music but also showing us our planet and these breathtaking places making us feeling lucky to be alive and forget everything for a while.

    Btw the violinists intro is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve heard. Congratulations